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Writing for Music


This is the second course in a revised music history curriculum, which uses primary documents selected from Western, popular, and jazz music traditions to develop a variety of disciplinary writing skills (Fall 2018, Spring 2019).

Sound and Religion

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Ethnomusicology seminar for upper-division music majors that introduces students to field work among religious communities in central Oklahoma (Fall 2018).

Musical Topics


Musical Theater's Hip Hop Aesthetic

Photo by LesByerley/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by LesByerley/iStock / Getty Images

Graduate seminar investigating the issues pertinent to an academic study of the musical avant-garde (Fall 2018).




Upper-division undergraduate seminar for music majors. Uses the Broadway hit Hamilton as a lens to investigate how genres work, what kind of work genres do, and how audiences must reassess a piece of art whenever that art forces genres to collide (Spring 2019).